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Saturday: 5:30 p.m.
Sunday: 7:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 5:30 p.m.
Weekday: 9:00 a.m.

St Andrew ECC Parent Reviews


  • “The teachers are outstanding – so great, that they have influenced my parenting style a bit. They have a good understanding of what can be expected out of a 3 or 4 year old and how to work with a range of things you re trying to teach them.”
  • “The teachers have a passion for their jobs and the education of the children.”
  • “The loving support that the teachers have provided. My daughter loves school and loves that if she misses a day, her teachers are excited to see her back and welcome her with a huge hug.”
  • “My child loves to go to school each day. She feels comfortable and confident. I know this is because she is welcomed and loved there.”


  • “I love all of the amazing craft ideas the teachers use to engage the children in the learning process. From science experiments to castles, the children have such a varied learning environment.”
  • “I love the themes for each month and how the activities revolve around them.”
  • “My daughter has always had a love of music, but music class has taken it to a new level. She always talks about how much fun music class is and all her experiences at school.”
  • “The creativity in all of the crafts, science experiments, and letter activities is outstanding. I am constantly amazed at how imaginative the teachers are.”
  • “The warmth and academic atmosphere of St. Andrew’s ECC is above all other preschools we previously visited prior to enrolling our daughter. We are 100% satisfied with the program and found our daughter to be more inquisitive and very understanding to the needs of others and herself. She has developed strong friendships and bonds with her teachers and peers. We have enrolled our other daughter in the program for next year and our son in the MMO. Thank you for providing this wonderful school!”

Sense of Community:

  • “My child has had a very positive experience and I really like the community at St. Andrew’s.”
  • “I adore the warm environment. The families at the school are some of the best.”
  • “I never worried about leaving my child with (teachers) They were so attentive, like family members. It is truly like seeing family – everyone is so loving; great mix of education, caring, nurturing environment.”
  • “They provide a fun, loving and friendly environment; The positive attitude toward each teacher, the office staff and the director; There is a warm and loving atmosphere for the children.”
  • “The environment created by the teachers has greatly enhanced my child’s ability to learn and enjoy doing it.”

Spiritual Formation:

  • “Most important: the Catholic curriculum is so SWEET and it is taught in a manner that is easy for the kids to understand. It’s nice to have the school continue the values and love of God we teach at home. I love that the kids learn about saints, the meaning of certain holidays, and reciting prayers.”
  • “I am very pleased with how much religious education is being passed along. He loves it and it has given him a great base to ask us questions at home about the Bible, church and God.”
  • “The focus on our Catholic faith is awesome, especially how the teachers tie in feast days to relate to everyday things, such as St. Joseph’s Day and the importance of fathers. Well done!”
  • “I love how they integrate our faith into the day’s lessons. As a home schooling mom, I spend a fair amount of time teaching catechism to my older children. My preschooler has come home with an understanding of the same lessons they have, and it serves as a strength for our family.”


  • “Communication between teachers and parents is excellent.”
  • “Questions are always answered, information is given quickly and is helpful.”
  • “Director and staff always have warm smiles for families. The preschool is run very well and school communications are very efficient.”
  • “The progress reports every few weeks.”
  • “The communication from the director to the parents is excellent! Always on top of things, very informative emails, newsletters, etc.”

Parent Participation:

  • “I like the fact that we were invited into our child’s class to observe. The parents are very involved which makes for a great environment.”
  • “Year after year we have felt so very welcome and have thoroughly enjoyed our preschool experience. All of the staff contribute to how efficient and bountiful this program is.”
  • “Openness of the classroom to parents, always feeling welcomed and invited to come into the classroom to see what’s going on; The partnership between parents and teachers has been impressive.”


  • “She did a great job and is very warm with the kids and myself.”
  • “Director is very friendly and warm…always says hi and remembers who my child is even when she sees me without my child.”
  • “Nancy is awesome. She is always so kind and welcoming. She always communicates with us parents about what is to come.”
  • “Communication is superb. I appreciate the weekly newsletters sent electronically. I love it that my daughter knows Nancy and vice versa. There is a good, positive vibe at the ECC because of Nancy.”
  • “Goes above and beyond!”

General Comments:

  • “I am so proud of the progress my daughter has made this year and look forward to her continued progress at ECC next year.”
  • “St. Andrew’s ECC does a great job preparing children both academically and socially for kindergarten. Both of my children have had a great experience at St. Andrew’s ECC.”
  • “This is the third Catholic preschool our various children have attended and we have been extremely pleased. We love the child-centered, developmentally appropriate approach. We would recommend this preschool to anyone.”
  • “I feel that my child is prepared for kindergarten because of all of the activities he was involved in at St. Andrew’s. Overall, we love the ECC!”
  • “I feel that the ECC program has allowed and facilitated the growth of my child. We have seen a significant improvement in her independence and willingness to try new things.”
  • “The preschool has set my child in a positive direction with her first exposure to school.”
  • “I just picked St. Andrew’s because we go to church there too and didn’t ask too many questions, but I have been beyond impressed and definitely feel like my kids are getting lots of love, fun, and learning there.”
  • “My sons, now 5 and 7 years old, have been going to St. Andrew’s Early Childhood Center since they were very little. You will be hard pressed to find a more caring preschool in the Apex/Triangle area. There is a strong sense of community and family as soon as you enter the main hall. The teachers greet the kids and parents by their first name. Many parents volunteer and get involved in the classrooms and school activities, such as visits from the fire department and animals from nearby farms. The playground is extremely safe and fun for the kids. Parents seem to watch out for each other so you feel that you and your children are in a safe and loving place. I wish that I could carry the experience of going to St. Andrew’s ECC in all the schools that my boys will attend throughout their lives.”
  • “This year is our last year at the ECC. We are sad to go, but St. Andrew’s has given our children such a great start to their education and we are thankful. All the teachers and staff do such a great job; I have always had a positive experience with the ECC program, and I will highly recommend the school to friends and family.”
  • “After four years at the ECC, we are truly going to miss being there! Thanks for making our children’s pre-K experience so warm and positive.”