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Catholic Scripture Study International

The mission of Catholic Scripture Study International is to bring people closer to Jesus Christ and His Church through in-depth Bible study. This program is for individuals seeking inspiring, in-depth Scripture study that is completely faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church. (Tradition-Scripture-Magisterium) The study commentaries are written by leading Scripture scholars and authors, and each study contains the references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, papal encyclicals, and writings of the early Church Fathers and the saints. More information can be found at

Classes start in Sept and continue through the school year into spring, most are 25 to 30 weeks in length. Each week the group meets for a 1.5 hour session which includes prayer, introduction, small group discussion of assigned questions (usually 10 each week) and then a 30 min DVD lecture by a Catholic priest.

2013-2014 Catholic Scripture Study

Please join us for our 15 week study (Jan 7 - Apr 15): Angels Throughout the Ages by Mike Aquilina. Video lectures by Father Mitch Pacwa, SJ. Study manual can be purchased online at for $29.95 plus tax & shipping. Class meets on Tuesday nights from 7-8:30 CARE Center Room 208. Contact study leader Lynn McCleneghen 919-460-7505

Our September to April Program

Tuesday Evening Class
  • Begins Sept. 10, 7-8:30 pm, Classrooms 208,210,211 CARE Center
  • A Scriptural Study of Angels is a 25 lesson study in 2 parts: Entertaining the Angels (by Mike Aquilina) and Angels Throughout the Ages (by Dr. Richard Bulzacchelli, STD). Priest video lectures by Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ. Part One is offered from Sept through November. Part Two is offered from Jan through April. Students may participate in the whole program or choose only one part based on their schedule. Every Sunday Roman Catholics stand to profess our faith in God who created "all things visible and invisible" and we confess our sins in the presence of "all the angels and saints." Discover that angels are spiritual, personal, and immortal creatures, with intelligence and free will, who glorify God without ceasing and who serve God as messengers of His saving plan. Each week we begin with evening prayer, Vespers, then break into small groups to discuss the weekly questions for each lesson (prep time for class 1-2 hours) and conclude with the video priest lecture on the material. Scripture, Tradition and Magisterium. Co-ed and ladies only small groups are offered.
  • Study leader - Lynn McCleneghen, 919-460-7505,
Wednesday Morning Class
  • Begins Sept. 4, 10-11:30 a.m., Classroom 209 CARE Center
  • This is a 28-week study of Exodus. Learn how the Eucharist is prefigured by the Passover; the symbolism of the parting of the Red Sea and more, with study notes by Dr. Scott Hahn and Mark Shea, challenging study questions,using the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and a video lecture by Fr. Patrick Winslow of the Diocese of Charlotte. This course requires one to two hours of homework per week.
  • Study leader - Susan Quick, 919-303-3975,

For further information and details about the program see


Ladies only groups are available for the day and evening classes. A co-ed group has been established for the evening class.


Currently sessions are offered Tuesday evenings 7-8:30 pm and Wednesday mornings 10-11:30 am in the CARE Center classrooms.

Additional study groups can be added if leadership positions can be filled. Contact Lynn McCleneghen, 919-460-7505, or , for more information.


Lynn McCleneghen (for the Tuesday evening class), 919-460-7505,
Susan Quick (for the Wednesday morning class), 919-303-3975,
Barb Kocher, Pastoral Council Liaison,

Studies Completed to Date

  • Exodus 2004-05
  • Revelation 2005-06
  • Gospel of John 2006-07
  • Gospel of Matthew 2007-08
  • Genesis 2008-09
  • Ephesians (short study)
  • Galatians (short study)
  • Romans 2009-10
  • Acts of the Apostles 2010-11