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Planning Your Wedding at St. Andrew

General Marriage Planning Questions and Answers

Who may be married at St. Andrew’s Church?

St. Andrew is a fitting setting for the celebration of marriage for couples who are active and committed members of the Church. Either the bride or groom should be a registered member of St. Andrew’s. If either party has been divorced, the couple may not be married unless an annulment has been received from a Diocesan Tribunal.

How soon before the wedding can arrangements made?

Couples should contact the church office six to eight months before the wedding date. Diocesan regulations require the couple to meet with the priest at least six months prior to the wedding to begin the counseling program.

How does the couple make arrangements?

A couple who wishes to be married should call Carol Blackford, Administrative Secretary, at 919-362-0414, extension 111. Carol will help you make an appointment to see one of our parish priests.

At the initial meeting with the priest, the pre-marital counseling program will be arranged, information about the wedding provided, and dates for the rehearsal and wedding may be set. A date is not set until the priest has met with the couple wishing to be married.

When can weddings be scheduled?

Weddings are scheduled at 11:00 am, 2:00 pm or 2:30 pm on Saturdays only.

Weddings are NOT scheduled:

  • Between December 23 and January 1
  • During the season of Lent
  • During Holy Week. Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday and lasts through Easter Sunday.

Who will officiate at your wedding?

The wedding ceremony and the rehearsal are conducted by the priest. If the couple wishes a priest who is a relative or special friend to officiate, then please discuss this with the parish priest at your initial meeting. Ministers of other churches may participate and assist by request of the couple. This must also be discussed at the initial meeting with the priest. Altar servers are allowed, but are not required. Only St. Andrew’s altar servers may serve during St. Andrew’s wedding ceremonies.

Baptismal Certificates

The bride and groom must submit a certificate of baptism from the parish in which he or she was baptized. This cannot be a copy of the original that your parents received at your baptism. You will need to contact your baptismal parish and ask them to send you a new baptismal certificate. This certificate must be issued within the last six months. Baptismal certificates are given to Carol Blackford in the parish office.

Individuals baptized in another faith tradition will also need proof of their baptism. This can be a certificate or letter from your baptismal church or the minister who baptized you.

The Marriage License

The marriage license must be obtained from Wake County. The license is good immediately upon issuance and is valid for 60 days. For more information, call the Register of Deeds at 919-856-5460 and visit The marriage license must be brought to the wedding rehearsal on Friday evening. The maid of honor and best man will sign the license in the presence of the priest. The parish office will return both copies of the marriage license to The Register of Deeds. One copy will be sent to you after it has been notarized in the county office.